Mavado – Forever Lyrics

Mi nuh gone no weh
A true mi find out some a wannabe

(Verse 1)
This year mi a meck dem want and cyaa si mi
Just wan day mi hear dem a ask fi mi
Mi deh home and a watch dem through mi window
Think dem tricky but mi skiller than a ninja
Mi a drive through the journey a life wid no passenger
Could a never out mi trust in a man
Mi trust put in Jah

Mi seh man a deh yah forever
My God so special to me
Mi nuh need nobody
When you have God you nuh need nobody

(Verse 2)
Dem pray and pray fi my down fall
It don’t matter me at all
Am forever changing time
Dem waan you fi sad and sit down and a bwal
Dem waan fi run and dem waan you crawl
Nuh haffi call no name just seh badmind

To all you hustlers out there
Just want you know me proud a you
Just keep on hustle without fear
From the Gully to the money
Touch a foreign you fi send back a dozen Nike Air
And remember the struggle pon the gravel
Man laugh till mi ni**a cry tear
Yes wi did young and wi did dumb
But we are?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
From a kid to a giant
Mi naw fall like Goliath tho
Some a sell soul but mi naw mi nuh client
F**k dem mi reazent, mi defiant
Nough put down the bible a draw fi the sciance
But a free water way shorts out dem a
Jah lead the way please

(Repeat Chorus)