Alkaline – Pretty Girl Team Lyrics

Pretty girl wid da body deh
Would a mad anybody
You mi did haffi put her pon mi team

Give her some c**key, first time turn happy
You know what I mean

Mi seh hey pretty girl what you doing out there?
Seh shi hurt in a love and now shi don’t care

Pretty girl wid da body weh would a mad anybody
Suh mi tek her off a the scene

(Verse 1)
Bare ganja a burn round and everybody high no drama
Shi come round and si fi her self
Suh wi do whatever the f**k weh wi wanna
Mi seh you nuh ready shi seh no sah
Si the liquor just a kick you now a torture
Fi tek weh da tickas yah shi a scorcher
And meck shi bounce pon the c**k and bruk it off
Baby you a dancer
You look so innocent mi wouldn’t think you gwaan suh
After mi show her the head planter
Shi grab it up and push it down in her dancer
You pretty and you elegant
Nuh nough up you self but you ever relevant
All natural nothing nuh enhance
All when you cover it, it evident

Baby, man cheat, but woman cheat to
Wi f**k around wi just the wrong people
If man a wicked then woman a evil
Call a spade a spade to how wi evil
Pretty gyal nuh seh tippy, typical
Gi mi all a you love mi gi you reciprocal
Pon the phone mi give you the lyrical
Buck you in a person give you the physical

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ammo take you out
Ammo break you out
Ammo let you know what am thinking
Take away all the doubt
What you worrying about?
Come meck wi meck a toast to long living
Nobody cyaa stop wi from linking
Wi pass the ice burn wi not sinking
Just gi mi your support
Wanna make you proud
Gonna let you know how am feeling

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)