Shenseea – You Lie Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A you search mi phone and you know seh you shouldn’t do that
Naw defend you actions mi nuh quarter back
Keep chattel like seh you a mi almanac
You seh a my lost but mi nuh want you back

From you wrong mi a tell you seh you wrong
If you never bruk mi code you would know seh mi have a man
Seh mi go a London fi go f**k Jordan
Though you well insecure mi never abandon

You lie, you lie
Seh you trust mi but best if mi try deny

You lie, you lie
If you claim seh you rate mi then why you spy

You lie, you lie
Stop lurk you a seh you mi hard fi try

You lie, you lie
Suh mi a go left you fi be wid the next guy

(Verse 2)
The point is not seh mi unfaithful
Never diss in-front you face you should a well grateful
The fact is seh you invade in a mi privacy
It well clear seh you nuh have no respect fi mi
You mi blame, si weh you nuh fi si
Then you hurt vex and a cuss seh you nuh trust woman
Dem a dirt
When you fi rest fi next morning a work
One AM. In a the night pon mi phone you a lurk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi never yet search you phone
Mi nuh trouble weh you own
Seh you a big man
But you actions show mi seh you nuh fully grown
Dweet once, twice, dweet back again
All when wi great you a search fi problem
Complain till mi weak you naw comprehend
Suh mi left you fi mi other boyfriend

(Repeat Chorus)