Jahmiel – Dem Too Hype Lyrics

Dem too hype mi cyaa tek it yaw
Swear dem reach but dem nuh meck it yow
Dem forget all the good weh wi do
Likkle thing a gwaan suh you left wi out

(Verse 1)
But dem a go remember the days weh mi get the one food and share
And dem a search fi real friends but cyaa find dem nowhere
Jah know it hurt mi heart when dem tek mi kindness fi weakness
Ungrateful people, Jah know you meck mi night so sleepless

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How you seh you a friend when you all fi yourself
None a you real dogs dem you naw give no strength
Is like a dem alone have youth fi feed
Dem link wi mi enemy just true dem greed
The full logic’s mi still cyaa believe
True the shirt weh dem a wear have a taller sleeve
Suh mi cyaa even seet
And dem seh weh eyes nuh si heart nuh lead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi never know you think you build mi now
Now you not around mi think it would a kill mi now
Experience teach mi everything mi know
A likkle money start meck you feel kingly now
Wi use to treat dem like family
Never know dem would a turn enemy

(Repeat Chorus)

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