CyHi The Prynce – Nu Africa Lyrics

Nu Africa
Nu Africa
Yeah, CyHi!
Nu Africa
What we tell ’em?
Tell the motherland that a ni**a coming back for her
Nu Africa

(Verse 1)
Imagine if all the rappers were
To get with all the athletes or activists and actors for
A conference in Zaire to meet with all the ambassadors
In the motherland, tell her we coming back for her
America know if we leave, it’d be a massacre
Zimbabwe would be full of drug dealers and traffickers
Smoking grass, a cut, pick all the hoes from Magic up
Tell Tabitha let a ni**a Cleopatra her
So we can build a neighborhood out in Zambia
Tell Khaled to build another one in Tanzania
What if Jay and Bey went and bought some land in Egypt?
And Puffy put a stripper club off the sands of Kenya?
Nu Africa
Since America can’t stand to see us
Let’s show em why you never bite the hand that feeds you
Nu Africa
Call Akon to light the city up
Palace, bought the compound in Libya
Nu Africa
What if they had a Follie’s in Nigeria?
A King of Diamonds in Liberia
Balling in Algeria, ain’t gotta put my jewelry up
And if you Black, you fit the criteria
Nu Africa
We need Oprah to open up some more schools
Tell Michael Jordan we need some more shoes
Nu Africa
Make sure every rapper still got Pro Tools
I’m just saying, that’d be a bold move
Huh, make Obama the President
His daddy from Kenya so that make even better sense
Tell Morehouse to bring all the medicine
Vashtie got a party out in Ghana, tell em let us in

(Chorus 2X)
Nu Africa
Nu Africa
Nu Africa
Tell the motherland that a ni**a coming back for her

(Verse 2)
I found utopia in Ethiopia
I gotta be with beautiful women, I got a phobia
But my side ho from Morocco
And I got another chick in Nairobi cause
Nu Africa
I look like Fela Kuti when I’m rolling up
Prolly cause all the groupies show me love
Nu Africa
I’m on my way down to Cape Town
They say that’s a young ni**a’s playground
I met this chick from Mali in the party
She said she took a molly in the party
Man I swear her titties were so big
I said, Pardon me, but who let Dolly in the party?
Magic Johnson built some condos in the Congo
Kanye built a mall out in Senegal
Turn the Rwanda to a five star, winter spa
Chilling in Angola with a skinny little Guinea broad
Somewhere in her 20s and she get my little Jimmy hard
Cause her whole physique is unique
She petite, plus her daddy is the king of Mozambique
When I met him, he had on that new Patek Phillipe
Took a seat
Everything kosher like Jewish meat
My mystique got her intrigued in disbelief
And she speak 6 different languages including Greek
And I love the way her booty cheeks move to the beat
I’m Prince Akeem
And you must be my queen-to-be
Just think of playing golf off the gulf of Guinea beach
Somewhere in Cameroon rolling plenty tree
And a bunch of beef stew, yeah we don’t do no Mickey D’s

In Nu Africa
Nu Africa
Nu Africa
Tell the motherland that a ni**a coming back for her
Tell the motherland that a ni**a coming back for her