Jahmiel – Believe In Yourself Lyrics

People a go try fi break yo spirit
Mi nuh listen dem mi just live it up
And mi nuh waan you visit us
Shot you mouth and keep you opinion
Mi nuh really share mi thoughts wid people
Caw nough a dem mind too evil
Waan you lose before you win
Know you right and ignore the thing

They will see your strength and know you’ll make it one day
And never motivate you, dem nuh waan you reach no where
So yu got to believe in yourself
Got to believe in yourself
You got to believe in yourself
Got to believe

(Verse 1)
Seanizzle, am seeking a brighter day
Better days are on the way
Suh mi nuh listen weh dem a say
The hard times soon gone in a history
How you meck it is a mystery
Never know it would a been today
Give thanks onto the most high still wi pray
And everything was given to me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I got a vision
I’m on a mission
Sometimes it good fi keep you mouth close meditate
And ask Jah stay suh close
Never lose you faith, never lose you way
Even though you poor never forget fi pray

(Repeat Chorus)