XXXTENTACION Hit Song “Look At Me” Cracks Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Incarcerated rapper XXXTENTACION has finally cracked the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his debut hit single “Look At Me.”

The up-and-coming rapper is currently in jail facing a mountain of legal troubles for multiple felony charges across two jurisdictions. His hit song “Look At Me” became the center of contention earlier this month after his fans accused Drake of biting his style on a new single he previewed on his tour in Europe that will be on his upcoming album More Life.

“I took a white b**ch to Starbucks / That lil b**ch got her throat f**ked / I like to rock out like I’m misfit / My emo b**ch like her wrist slit / Curly hair b**ch like I’m Corbin / Got like 3 b**ches, I’m Mormon / Skeet on your main b**ch’s forehead / Don’t want your pu**y, just want head,” he raps.

XXXTENTACION song debut at No. 95 on the Hot 100 chart this week. He has been steadily building a cult following with the single fast becoming a huge success in the mainstream market. “If Drake is gonna take the flow, and I don’t know if he legitimately did, but if that is the situation, at least reach out to a ni**a, help a ni**a out in this situation, and then if you want to run off with the flow, then run off with the flow,” he added.

The 19-year-old underground rapper is hoping he will sort out his legal troubles sometime soon so that he can celebrate his success.