Flume Featuring Pusha T – Enough Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yeah, King Push
I could tell you what the Porsche cost, what my wrist like
What a brick weigh, what your bi**h like
Ace bottles and late models
Ni**as happy with the base model
Fashion god from fake model
They follow
I’m the culture, KRS in the roadster
Poetry, Scott La Rock with the coca, I’m the joker
My bi**h got the poker face, she a soldier
Might let you f**k just so she can show me the safe

Yeah, drug wars
Open suicide doors
F**k the bi**h on eight floors but it ain’t enough
Yeah, seen the war
Porsche….till I bought
Yeah, I partied off shores but it ain’t enough

(Verse 2)
Motivate or I can be a menace
You got two choices
I got one chopper, I’m hearing voices
I’m seeing visions
These Rolls Royces in arms reach, I come creep
These snakes are poisonous
It’s the perpetual lifestyle
Look at the watch on me right now
Bezel blinding like a bright cloud
It’s a drug dealer’s dream
Everything that I say is everything that I mean
Let’s weigh it up

Check, kilogram on the neck
Money, power, respect
Real shooter’s on deck, but it ain’t enough
Man I just got the text
She’s just waiting, undressed
Her girlfriend brought the checks, she ain’t enough
Everybody get the tech
All you ni**as hit the deck
Bi**hes think he got next, but it ain’t enough
Haters still wanna test, but I just said f**k the rest
Always gave her my best, but it ain’t enough