Is A Spice And Nicki Minaj Collaboration Coming?

A Spice and Nicki Minaj collaboration would be a guarantee hit among dancehall and hip hop fans.

The dancehall diva is head over heels right now after the Trinidadian rap diva, dubbed the baddest female in rap, gave her a shout-out on social media over the weekend exposing her new single “Indicator (Soca Remix)” with Bunji Garlin to millions of fans. If you check the YouTube comments under the music video now you will noticed that a lot of viewers say they got there from Nicki Minaj Twitter and Instagram page.

Spice expressed her gratitude and her love for Minaj on Instagram, but a collaboration would be the icing on the cake. Been a while since we’ve had a female duo dancehall hip hop crossover collaboration. “Doing a collaboration with Nicki Minaj would be a dream come true,” Spice told the Star. “She’s now following me on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m so elated to have someone I look up to, showing me so much love. It feels good to be a fan of someone who is a fan of me.”