Lady Gaga Floats In The Air At “Super Bowl 51” Halftime Performance Video

Lady Gaga pulled off a breathtaking performance at the Super Bowl 51 Pepsi Halftime Show in Houston, Texas on Sunday night.

The New England Patriots eventually went on to win the game coming from a 25 points deficit at halftime. But it was Lady Gaga’s performance that got the crowd pumped the most. Up until that great comeback from the Patriots, Gaga kicked off her performance on the roof of the stadium.

She then jumped off the roof with wires holding her up while launching into a medley of her biggest hits like “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” “Just Dance,” and “Telephone.” There were a lot of talks that Lady Gaga would use her halftime performance to speak out against newly elected president Donald Trump, but she didn’t do that, well not directly. Some folks are saying that her performance of Woody Guthrie’s classic American anthem “This Land Is Your Land” was a shot at Trump of the sort.