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Nicki Minaj Pull On The Boxing Gloves On Giuseppe Jacking Her Name

Nicki Minaj wants to put on the boxing gloves and step into the ring with Giuseppe who she accused of jacking her brand to sell more shoes.

The PinkPrint emcee went on a Twitter rant on Friday calling out shoe brand Giuseppe Zanotti for selling shoes with her name without compensating her. She stops short of accusing the designer brand of racism, saying they disrespect her because they are not even taking her calls.

“This is wonderful. #GiuseppeZanotti seems to think it’s ok to name his sneakers after me but his PR says they won’t take our call,” she tweeted, while adding in another tweet “I met #GiuseppeZanotti years ago. At which time, he told me I inspired him to design a sneaker in my honor. Wore them on the cover of Cosmo.

“Recently when he gave other artists capsule collections, my agency reached out and was told they’re not taking our call,” Nicki Minaj continues.

The hip hop superstar even went as far as to post a photo while doing a Google search showing the shoes for sale. It’s very clear that Nicki is feeling some type of way about this and rightfully so. She even tweeting about taking out her frustration in the boxing ring.

“U know what I gotta go. My phone ringing. Tell Floyd, Fif & Mike Tyson to book me for the next fight. Me and Giuseppe. after cb & Draco,” she wrote.

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