Lauryn Hill Gets Hammered On Twitter For Showing Up Hours Late To Gig

This is not something new for Lauryn Hill. In fact she has developed a reputation for turning up to her concerts hours late.

But last night fans on Twitter looses it and roast her like like turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The hip hop icon performed at the “MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling!” tour in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night, but her fans had to wait over three hours before she touched the stage.

Seems some folks had enough and took to Twitter to vent. Folks in the audience weren’t the only one waiting and growing impatient. Her band members were also left hanging to face the wrath of the angry audience. By the time she took the stage majority of the audience were visibly upset.

“Dog. #laurynhill had a packed house and full band setup and didn’t show,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another added “Lauryn Hill is 3+ hours late to this show & everyone is visibly (& understandably) mad but I don’t get why anyone is surprised.”

The reactions on Twitter were mostly hilarious with a flood of memes like these.