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Fetty Wap – Island Boy | New Music | Stream

Fetty Wap is representing for his Caribbean friends on his new single “Island Boy.” The track was produced by by his in house producer.

The Paterson rapper have a lot in store for 2017 so fans can keep up to date on Urban Islandz for his latest projects. Fetty is a big fan of Haitian culture and often refers to the country in his music. Since the start of the year Fetty Wap has been dropping new singles every week and last week he released “With You.”

“They know Zoovie Zoo from the strip, known to cruise with his bi**h / Keep a tool with that grip, yeah / There’s a certain way to move when you rich, yeah / Talking to the boys you a bi**h, you a snitch, yeah / Louis bag stuffed to the tip, yeah / Hundred in my pocket made it fit, yeah,” Fetty raps.

Fetty Wap – Island Boy Lyrics

Listen full track below.