What Divorce? Tiny Told T.I. To Come Home Now

Tiny isn’t ready to sign those divorce paper and is urging her husband T.I. to come home because she is exactly where she is suppose to be.

Back in December, Tiny pulled the plug and officially filed for divorce from T.I. after a year long separation over cheating allegations from both sides. She cites the usual irreconcilable differences in her court docs. The couple is now living apart after the Hustle Gang rapper moved out of the family home and get himself a bachelors pad.

Now Tiny, whose real is Tameka Harris, may be having some regrets about pulling the trigger on those divorce papers. In a video surfaced online on Tuesday, she openly told fans that she wants T.I. to come home. “He need to come back to me, baby, she said. “He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at. He needs to come on home.”

Marriage can be tough especially celebrity marriages don’t last anytime these days so if Tiny is ready for reconciliation then perhaps this is something that other celebrities can learn from. Working things out is also easier said that done especially with the mounting infidelity allegations from both sides. T.I was rumored to be having an affair with an Instagram model prior to their split.

Last year November a bombshell video surfaced online showing Tiny dancing with TIP’s mortal enemy Floyd Mayweather. The video caused a lot of embarrassment for the former Xscape singer. Sources say T.I. was furious when he got wound of the video and didn’t speak to her for weeks. That clip may have helped T.I. get out of the dog house and give him a lot more leverage on the terms of their reconciliation.

“Msg to the kids,” the Atlanta rapper wrote in reaction to the video. “Always accept responsibility for YOUR actions. Learn from them,be better,move forward,be happy!”

It’s your move now TIP.