Maxo Kream – Grannies [New Music]

Maxo Kream released new track so his fans could understand him more. He also spoke about the fans liking his music but didn’t understand why he said certain things within his music. Now here’s a better view to his image off new track “Grannies.” Go stream below…

Wake up in the morning load my pistol can’t leave home without it
Come from where you see alot of bodies but don’t talk about it
Hard to find the plug a middleman that package Uncle Simon
Hookers, strippers, crackheads, robbers, trappers all in public houses
Uncle Bow was stealing from my granny can’t leave sh*t around here
Roaches rats and abces on my pantry can’t leave food around here
Aunty Triss was sleepg, I stole her car and when I’m serving, robbing
Grinding with my family through the struggle hold em down regardless

Maxo Kream – Grannies Lyrics

Listen full track below.