Dancehall Dancer Marvin Blames Spice For Broken Leg Rumors

Dancehall dancer Marvin severely injured his leg last week performing a risky dance move. The dancer/deejay is blaming Spice for spreading rumors of a broken leg.

Fortunately for the man known in dancehall session as the beast, his injuries were not more serious. Original reports suggest that his leg was broken as he fell off a building during a dancehall last. However, he has since cleared up those rumors announcing that his leg was not broken, but he did sustained some serious injuries to see treatment at the hospital.

During an with interview with Nightly Fix, Marvin opened up about his injuries and his displeasure with Spice for posting a message on Instagram telling fans that he sustained a broken leg when that was not true. “I didn’t like that part when she post a video of them bringing me out of the party with blood on my foot,” he said. Marvin also called out the dancehall diva for not checking in with him to see if he was doing okay before making the post which has since been deleted from her account.

Marvin noted that he was dancing to Spice new single “Sheet” when the accident happened.