21 Savage Reveals How Kylie Jenner Rejected Him

21 Savage did “holla” at Kylie Jenner for sure. Turns out that the Atlanta rapper wasn’t just crushing on Tyga’s girlfriend, he actually rolled the dice.

During his recent interview with Rap Radar, Savage revealed that he made a play after the reality star and got totally shut down. “I don’t know, man… She shot me down,” the rapper said.

The “Sneakin” rapper also shot down rumors that he is beefing with Tyga of Kylie Jenner saying that he has no problem with the Compton rapper. “They made it seem like I was beefing with Tyga, like I don’t know Tyga,” he added. “I ain’t got no problem with Tyga.” He did admitted though that he still has a thing for Kylie and still wants to “tear that a*s up.”

Last year, 21 Savage was crushing hard on Kylie Jenner, who is seen is one of the hottest females on the scene right now. Despite being the crush of many rappers, she is holding things down with her day one Tyga. So you can expect the “1 of 1” rapper to feel some type of way about 21 Savage going after his girl.

21 Savage is one of the hottest young rappers popping up in Atlanta over the last year. He is reportedly working on his debut album which will be his first major project under his deal recording deal with Epic Records.

Lets not forget this tweet.