Plies Blames Drunken Arrest On His Friends “I Won’t Drink Again”

Plies is sounding off on his friends for allowing him to get wasted and then go in the drivers seat.

The Florida rapper was arrested on Tuesday (January 17, 2017) for driving under the influence, DUI, TMZ reported. The 40-year-old rapper, whose real name is Algernod Lanier Washington, was pulled over by cops who saw him driving erratic. He was booked in the Hillsborough County Jail and later release on bond.

A few days before his arrest, Plies posted a video ranting about his friends who are enabling him into drinking too much alcohol. “To all my mother***kin’ friends who just sit there and just let me get this mother***kin’ drunk,” the rapper said. “Y’all ain’t sh*t. Ain’t none of y’all sh*t. Ya’ll know that when I get that mother***kin’ liquor in me I don’t know how to mother***kin’ act ya’ll know that.”

Plies also vows to quit drinking, maybe this will help him to get serious about his promise.

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Plies vows to stop drinking days before DUI #plies

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