Vershon – Wul It Out Lyrics

Man still a hold it out, hold it out yeah
Although the street it rugged out deh

Man still a hold it out, hold it out
Nothing mi naw worry bout

(Verse 1)
Every ghetto youth
DO the right, stay pon the right track
When struggles fight you fight back
When a youth a rise evil nuh like that
Suh fi go through life you haffi dodge bullet and side trap
Nough a dem a wicked all you si dem a chat
When the youth dem a lead dem waan fi si dem a back
The queffer dem a touch the street ever strap
Suh win nuh too listen when the Eden a chat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a talk bout human being
Some f**k up creature
Dem nuh like fi hear mi voice a buss up speaker
Mi get a buss and buy a house and two Benz
Now the wicked dem a spread rumor seh mi a drugs dealer
But certain things mi never get caught up in a
Suh mi a tell the dutty f**ker dem fi low mi hi nuh
Cause mi a chad from a endz full a bare gunman
Dawg and mi never bring no gun in yah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)