Lil Duke feat. Dave East & Wiz Khalifa – Billboard Lyrics

Smoking Cali Weed
LA Vibes
Wheezy in this bi**h with me

(Chorus – Duke)
Mama we made it to billboards
Thank the lord, I’ma keep praying for it
They told me stay focused, stay real boy
The streets playing dirty, get killed boy
This s**t is for real boy, did all that s**t with no deal boy
Ni**as is faking, they getting monopoly money
When I was broke
They was just laughing at me like something was funny
Now I’m at three years on my d**k
Ran that s**t up, now we rich
We put that money right before a bi**h
Knock em off, I’m calling hits
Now I got twenty whole K on my wrist
Diamonds, my neck, on my fist

(Verse 1 – Duke)
You want a feature gon cost you a brick
Thugger he gave me a shot now I’m in
So tired of losing can’t do nun but win
Every day wake up, I gotta get in
Pray to the lord and I stay on my ten
Free my ni**as locked in the pen
We sip the lean and pour out the seal
You ni**as so fake, you don’t know nothing bout real
Labels keep calling, they want me to sign
Talk to my voicemail, I don’t recognize
Came from the streets, I was selling them pies
Bi**h you so fake I can see it in your eyes
I’m not a graduate not from DeVry
You over here but you playing both sides
When it come down I know you ain’t gon ride
I started selling and they started buying
Cooking them burgers and fries
No Christmas Eve, I surprise ’em
See me in public, come try me
Run up, I cock it and fire
See it, I buy what I want
Eat that lil pu**y for lunch
I’m her lil Clyde, that’s my Bonnie
We stepping out and we stunt

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
Man somebody shoulda told em that this s**t’ll get real
That this s**t’ll get real, that this s**t’ll get real
When you young and havin’ things dog this s**t’ll get real
Man this s**t’ll get real, man this s**t’ll get real
And no I ain’t just getting started boy, I been in the field
Stacking hundred dollar bills
Riding with some young ni**as that know how to kill
Lil bi**h saying that she won’t
Let her hit the KK once, now she will
Ya’ll remind me of Jack and Jill
Ya’ll was up, now you going down the hill
I don’t ever put my weed up in a blunt
Don’t act like you don’t know no better
And don’t ever ask me to borrow no dope
Then act like you don’t owe no cheddar
And shorty keep blowing up both of my phones
Cause with me her pu**y get wetter
Just spoke to my bro who’s in the hospital
I really do hope he get better
For sure

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Dave East)
Jump out that foreign with paper plates
I don’t got the time to take a break
Gorilla without wearing Bathing Ape
Gold on my neck like it’s eighty eight
Smoking Skittles, bunch of painkillers
Think about quitting like day to day
I love New York, this ain’t Flava Flav
Fresh out that Porsche, I’ma take a plane
Dolce Gabanna, the pants suede
I keep a drum like a band playing
How you hating if your man made it?
Presidential rollie, bi**h I’m campaigning
I’m in the field like the special teams
Selling records now, I was selling green
That bi**h ain’t know I was gon sell a dream
Before she woke up I took everything
I done did some ni**as dirty
Trafficking sour and Fergie
I prayed to god for a birdie
I would kill for it, now it’s billboards
All of her bottoms is bloody
These ni**as act like they love me
I’d rather codeine than bubbly
But I had to chill, that sh*t f**ked up my stomach
I made it

(Repeat Chorus)