Jayds – Genna Girls Lyrics

Shi seh shi waan spar wid a Genna
Suh mi tell her fi get ready mi a come fi her
When are man come off a work
Him a drive home and him naw come home come si her
The way wi a roll and a drive pon the toll
A nough gal a road waan be her

Dem a watch she, but she only si dem
Inna the rear-view mirror

(Verse 1)
Hold mi, gyal you know you hold mi yea
When you lonely, gyal you know the story yea
Whine slowly, can you do it for me?

Yea, shi nuh waan no toddler
Shi nuh waan no Cory

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal you badder than Godzilla
But to how you bad continue
Mi tek out mi heart and give you
You gyal in a mi yard like shi deh Dunn’s River
Shi nuh waan you again
Shi nuh link you when shi horny again
A that shi tell her friend fi tell you friend
Shi waan fi spend the whole day, nuh waan fi go away
Fort Genna nuh play, bare banger deh round me
Suh you know you safe
You love bad up you self but round me you behave
You a mi ride or die chick to the grave
Yea, mi never stop till mi meck me and you deh
SHow you off mi bring you go everywhere
Dem well waan si me and you left
Dem waan wi left but dem mussi deaf

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Listen Intro)