Chief Keef – Empty Lyrics

I’m so motherf**king true like I’m 2 Chainz
Riding in that Mayweather with your boo thing
Every summer I pop up with some new chains
In these Balmains filled with them blue things
And these hoes on my back like my Fendi
You ni**as need to e.n.d the envy
And the troopers stop my car just to frisk me
Big stash in it they think that it’s empty

(Verse 1)
When a real ni**a talking please don’t speak
My watch tried to take your bi**h from me
Dead mens in my pockets all hunnid
Bi**h I’m sipping right now don’t even touch me
No, I’m not sippin slow
Just pass me the ball
I’ma pick and roll
I’m out there getting dough
Gettin off the dope
Sosa where she goes, I don’t really know
But I know I want a new house, new s**t, new money, new that
New this, new thot, new bi**h
All the time, I have mood switch
New Gucci, new Louie
New shirts, new pants, new kicks
New drink, new weed
I’m surrounded by a bunch of new s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big stash pot in the car for a f**k ni**a
Soon as I see you creeping up imma bust ni**a
One thing about my pistol we got lots of trust ni**a
He know he’s a throw-away and he don’t give a f**k ni**a
Don’t let my ni**as catch you on that rough ni**a
All these waves I feel like I’m Puff ni**a
At the top it’s just us ni**a
If you ain’t with us, we don’t really f**k with you
I’m countin’ cash on my ten fingers or my ten toes
When I wanna be low key, I’m in that Land Rover
You can put me in detox, don’t think I’m staying sober
Jump in front of this metro train, and get ran over

(Repeat Chorus)