Masicka – Born Criminal Lyrics

Dem feel a Christmas a come
When man tell dem barrel a
Bwoy forehead a crush
Ever rassclaat shot out a the maggy a rush

(Verse 1)
Years and months a war
Cyaa left it, if mi left it then mi dead
Me and the guns a spar
Tint up Honda car
Smith and West in a the passenger
Pu**y mi nuh haffi run go far
Mi nuh sit down a bar
Mi nuh too party
And certain gyal you don’t trust her

Worst if she and the foes a spar
Shi cyaa know weh mi live
In a my yard mi don’t f**k her
You wi lose yo life in a simple second
Suh mi link mi second tell him seh fi bring the weapon
Mi killer friend dem deh pon anything mi deh pon
From bwoy fi dead a right now Grands Pen

Pu**y dem full a gun and cyaa shoot
Dem force ripe wid bad from the grass root
Man wi run up pon dem and run one in a dem face
Mi a mad bloodcl*** youth
Man a circle mi bag a acting
If a pu**y violate then mi stop sing
Lift up my thing and buss one in a dem face
Portmore a wa do dem?

Born criminal, criminal
Criminal, criminal

Born criminal, criminal

(Verse 2)
Then Rema
Mi nuh care who know dem
Or which pu**y have gun a show dem
Grands Pen this mi tell mi foes dem
Mi wi gi dem gunshot like mi owed dem
Feel you bad true you and the don spar
Four matic in a one car
Gus-shot in a face wi nuh gi man scar
Shot buss dem head, and bruk dem foot
And fling the hand far
None a dem pu** deh a nuh really killer
Running board a jump when mi squeeze the chigger
Watch you bran jump
One bag a gun story, easy ni**a!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1 & Chorus)