Fabolous & Trey Songz – Pick Up the Phone Lyrics

(Verse 1 – MIKExANGEL)
Yeah, I met that bi**h at a party
I swear that liquor got it started
Bit tits like Dolly
Excuse me, beg your pardon
Yeah, I do this s**t often
Stone Cold like Austin
What this life style costing
And these bi**hes wanna see me
Swear this dripping ain’t easy
Now she saying that she need me
I palm her pu**y like Keke
Like Keke, like Keke
She know I’m go act the fool with it
Tell me she gon let my bros hit it
Throwing that pu**y, I go get it
Go get it

(Chorus – MIKExANGEL)
Pick up the phone, baby, yeah
I’m tryna bone, baby, yeah
I caught me a zone, baby
I’m tryna smoke, baby, yeah

(Bridge – MIKExANGEL)
You know that you got the juice
You know that you got it squeezy
Riding around in the coupe
We drop the top when it’s breezy
Know exactly what to do
We roll it up for no reason
Swear that pu**y is the truth
Swear that pu**y is the cleanest

(Verse 2 – Fabolous)
No it’s annoying you
That you being loyal to
A ni**a that just wanna toy with you
And you know that’s not what your boy would do
Talking Chanel, bought a boy or two
Levelled you up to that Goyard too
Dinner dates, we hitting coy, no boo
I got that sushi and soy for you
I heard that he been avoiding you
Call me and I’ll fill a void for you
I got places to enjoy with you
Roll it up and smoke a joint with you
I know ni**as disappointed you
I wanna say it and point at you
Heard you complain what that boy don’t do
Let your man do what that boy won’t do, yeah
Lemme treat you like a princess
Now the royal face is royal blue
I’m a beast, Super Mario
All I care about is coins and you
I been seeing all your selfies
All I think about is joining you
I just wanna come and build you up
F**k boy been destroying you

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Trey Songz)
I know that it be disturbing me
I hate the way you be curving me
You act like you never heard of me
I’m in the cut like a surgery
Hope I ain’t making you nervous me
I was hoping you could swerve on me
Gotta check for the curves on you on me
Every day’s like the first to me
That’s what’s certain, yes, certainly
Swear these ni**as wanna murder me
Kill the pu**y, that’s a purge to me
Be my baby, this a nursery
Know I like it when you flirt with me
She say that she was the first with me
She just making matters worse for me
She a bird, love to chirp, baby
Lo-lo love it when you twerk pon me, pon me
I know you never twerk for free, for free
You keep running game on me
Just pick up when I call you please, you know

(Repeat Bridge , Chorus & Bridge)