Fabolous & Trey Songz – Bad & Boujee Lyrics

(Intro – Fabolous)
You know, we young OG’s so we made a lot of old money
We still getting that new money though

(Chorus – Offset)
Raindrop, drop top, drop top
Smoking on cookie in the hotbox, cookie
F**king on your bi**h she a thot, thot, thot
Cooking up dope in the crockpot, pot
We came from nothing to something ni**a, hey
I don’t trust nobody grip the trigger, nobody
Call up the gang, and they come and get you, gang
Cry me a river, give you a tissue, hey
My bi**h is bad and boujee, bad
Cooking up dope with an Uzi, blaow
My ni**as is savage, ruthless, savage
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too, grrah
My bi**h is bad and boujee, bad
Cooking up dope with an Uzi, dope
My ni**as is savage, ruthless, hey
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too, glah

(Verse 1 – Trey Songz)
Yeah, I got a check on me now, I got the check on me now
I got the check on me now, watch it rain down
I got your bi**h on me now, I got your bi**h on me now
She say she di**ing my style, picked the money off the ground
All of my ni**as around, loud, smoking the clouds
Ni**as be talking that s**t but these ni**as not what they say they be bout
All of my bi**hes be down, all of you ni**as is clowns
Ha ha ha ha ha, son to these ni**as, I swear I’m their father
They call me dada, she treat my d**k like a baba
Yeah, I get around yeah, like a shell in a revolver
Yeah, these bi**hes love me, saying I’m the s**t, Huggie, diaper, Pamper
I put my name on the pu**y, swear to God I’m a stamper
She give me head in the Benz behind the tent like a camper
She blow me off for the friend, stay so cool, love my fans bruh
Yeah, that way, she give me butt like a ashtray
Give me her now what she ask Trey, buss on the butt when she ask Trey

(Verse 2 – Fabolous)
Yeah, you cannot check for me now
Less you got a check for me now
Hold up, let me go check my account
Hold up, these fakes ni**as checks always bounce
Your bi**h be checking me out
Watchin’ and checking my routes
B*tches be robbing ni**as
You better check at the house
I’m tryna be the hoe dentist
I’m tryna check on her mouth
Do the sound check on the couch
Get out, I’m chucking em out
Ratchet chick thinking she boujee
Cause we went out to eat sushi
I know that she on my d**k though
She Angela Yee and I’m Gucci
In Hollywood rocking hoodies
With a baddy smoking goody
My money tall, 7 footy
That’s why the Kid get the Cudi
Naw really, that’s my buddy
Turn your face to silly putty
I’m saucing on em til it smother
I’m dripping on em til it’s flooded, woo
My new name is Damn You Killed That, Lay
You love me but I don’t feel that way
Don’t play bout my money cause that’s bae
Hate what you want, get rich that way
Found something you can do that pay
They call me Oggie and that’s Trey
We levelled up ni**a, that way

(Repeat Chorus)