Ninjaman and Merciless Clash Set For Christmas Eve

A new Ninjaman and Merciless clash is set to take place on Christmas Ever at the House of Dancehall Headquarters on Cargill Avenue in St Andrew.

The event is being promoted by Supreme Promotions and House of Dancehall headed by Michael Dawson. The last time Ninja and Merciless engaged in a lyrical showdown on stage was back in 2000 when the Merciless took on Ninjaman, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killer and won. Perhaps the Gorgon feels like its time for a rematch.

Isaiah Laing, who is the principal of Supreme Promotion, announced last week that he is canceling the annual festival Sting. Ninjaman also spoke out against Laing calling for an apology for a statement he made in an interview saying that there are no headline acts in dancehall at the moment.

“Me Ninjaman is saying this, we are tightening up the dancehall unity because look how disrespectful you are,” Ninjaman said.

Isaiah Laing also noted that Sting will return next year but in a different format.