Gucci Mane – Stutter [New Music]

Gucci Mane released new single “Stutter,” off the album The Return of East Atlanta Santa, produced by Murda.

I’m just tryna fight it off ain’t tryna nut too quick
She make me wanna take her, she another ni**a bi**h
A b*tch that gucci can’t get, man that b*tch don’t exist
This d*ck so good, I take it from her she might just slit her wrist
Bling blaww burr I put diamonds on her clit
F**ked her in the air yeah she ride me on the jet
His and her fur, yeah I bought my chick a fit
Like Edward Scissorhands she cut up on the d**k, damn
Good god so why she standing back like a pic
Spaghetti straps in my Maybach she showing off her tits

Gucci Mane – Stutter Lyrics

Listen track below.