Sean Paul Talks Relationship With Beyonce And Possible Second Collaboration

Sean Paul scored a huge collaboration with Beyonce back in 2003 on “Baby Boy” which also sparked some relationship rumors.

The dancehall icon has been one of the biggest comeback stories in music this year with a No. 1 single and several charting tracks, a new label deal and an album in the works. But could there be another major collaboration in the works with Beyonce?

Speaking with AOL’s Build live-stream, Sean Paul opened up about working with Beyonce and what’s in store for him in the near future. “She’s amazing, a focused person, very talented,” SP said [via IBTimes]. “The first time I heard [Baby Boy] I was like: ‘Woah, it’s pretty dope’. I did my part and she called me to go to Miami to record another part. It was cool to be able to work stuff out with her right there.”

Shortly after Sean Paul worked with Beyonce on “Baby Boy,” rumors started circulating that the two are dating. Jay Z was also prominently featured in the headlines because of his alleged jealousy.

“The song became number one for nine odd weeks or something like that and the controversy – it was a crazy time in my career,” the dancehall icon said. “So up to now, I still [perform] the song, it’s a huge song for me and her and I just thank her for having me.”

Despite haven’t seen Beyonce in a while, Sean Paul is hoping that the two can work together again. Maybe a “Baby Boy” part two is in the works.