Lloyd Banks – Misunderstood Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Three different bi**hes on my line one time
Diamonds jumping up and down like the baby ain’t mine
Coming in first like its 88 I’m, I’m with my rollie off
Them people know the homie course I’m ten years down
Don’t need my haters sad to satisfy me
Wasn’t for favors I be splattered probably
Grew up with murderers never had a Cosby
Enjoy the party with Jamaica’s Gatsby
I’m moving harder ties with me that’s flashy killings my motto
Still stuck on success tip pu**y spill a Moscato
Swear to God I get a chance again I’ma kill like Chicago
Hip hop selflishly tampering this what you call survival
Ni**as jumping off the roof with no suit honor your idol
Life is funny dawg they want remember s**t material
And people come and go look out for those that took care of you
Dig me, I ain’t get lucky, I got busy
Numb nights, longer days hoping my sick song plays

If I should never get to see it give the praise up to my hood
Let my tombstone read Misunderstood party like I would
I represent the man that stands for something
Those that never ran from nothing salute me with hammers dumping
Ain’t nobody coming with you hold your own or pay the price
Keep your business low
That linen letting ni**as low
Winnings what we in it for
Quitters ain’t got sh*t to show

(Verse 2)
Ni**as will pay to see you rep crack
Young king in my met cap
Cross like Kenny Anderson shout out to LeFrak
Fly I brung out my jet pack
How I can’t let the stress stack
Demons haunting me by the double who need a setback
Loyalty I respect that I’ll always be a minority, big
Put on this world to be, get in line orderly all I need’s a corner
Some of the legends they been sleeping on me
Other people put your ink down to each his own
Its only a few flying this high up industry sit aside to hear
You getting the money and don’t provide changes with the boat
Dry ain’t no truth in your proof, only perspective
If you judging motherf**kers start with you first
Baby I’m re-elected select my payperview first
Take me I need my set lit the ladies yelling
Shorties grow up even faster now namely inherit
Bandwagon is running off again, ak the exit

(Repeat Chorus)