Lil Durk feat. 21 Savage – Shooter 2X Lrics

(Intro – Lil Durk & 21 Savage)
I’mma say it 2 times with this money, money, on me, on me Gang!
We ain’t playing with this ni**as man
Ay we different ni**a
Boss s**t!

(Chorus – Lil Durk)
I just say it 2 times with this money, money and it’s on me, on me
Why you tweaking ain’t my homie, homie Gang!
Get this cash, cash, I just want it fast, fast
I’mma spaz, spaz
Get on yo ass, ass, Gang! Gang!
No need for vest, vest
Aim, aim, head, head, chest, chest, yes, yes Dope
Shooters, shooters with me, with me
Why you playing 50s, 50s, 50s, 50s, 50s, 50s Gang!

(Verse 1 – 21 Savage)
Get the shots ni**a, woah
That stick gon sweep a ni**a up, you better not hit the floor
SWAT team, Mossberg, coming through the door
Tommy gun woah
Trench coat woah
Lil bi**h I know you heard how Young Savage scrape the bowl skrt
Motorola beeping
VVSs fleeking fleek
Lil Durk he got the 30 on him, he might get to tweaking
I just pulled up on yo main bi**h and you know she freaky (ya dig)
She know I ain’t no sleeper I dig
Time to call a uber
Young Savage man I bought a draco for my shooter 21, 21
MAC 11 smoke yo baby daddy like some hookah, ya dig
We got Glocks, Ks, TECs, ni**a and bazookas, straight up
Clip long like a ruler, straight up!

(Verse 2 – Lil Durk)
Me I just came out of poverty
I just spend 50 on property
I’m from the streets to the gun violence
Glocks annihilate you probably
I pour up a four for my dead guys
My hood is more than a block to me
I keep a jock on me, a couple killas ain’t no opps with me
B*tches want sex I want all mouth
We be them ni**as they talking bout
I’m saucing I’m walking, I’m Wayne now
Don’t treat I’m cooling with gang now
Overdose I’m like Wayne now
Before we was strapped like Girbaud jeans
Now we spend 50 on chains now
And we put 50 on things now
Booty died from dialysis
Opp ni**as was the happiest
The city know we be wacking s**t
Real killa, ain’t know accident
Cracking calls with the MACs and s**t
Got the pounds and I’m matching s**t
Guns and dope in the mattress s**t
F*** ni**a with the acting s**t

(Repeat Chorus)