Meek Mill Getting Roast On Twitter For Kissing Nicki Minaj Feet

Did Meek Mill just get another L for Kissing Nicki Minaj feet or fans should cut him some slack for showing his girl some love.

On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj posted a photo of Meek kissing her feet and the internet went crazy immediately with most fans criticizing the Philly rapper for putting his mouth on the Trini rapper’s feet. Seems Meek was playing Xbox when Nicki decided that her feet want some attention and he oblige.

Some of the reactions among fans in the comments on IG and on Twitter were hilarious while some fans defended his action saying that he is just showing her some love.

“Meek Milly be kissing feet ? If I kiss/lick a girl feet. Ain no. Breaking up bihh. I’m in it to win it dammit,” one fan tweeted.

“Y’all eat McDonald’s but Meek Mill kan’t kiss her girls feet smh. Y’all wild,” another fan wrote.