Nick Gordon Ordered To Pay Bobbi Kristina Estate $36 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Nick Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million to Bobbi Kristina Brown estate in a default judgement against him in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Bobby Brown told a judge that his late daughter’s boyfriend helped take her life and she had unlimited earning potential prior to her untimely death, TMZ reported.

Seems the judge agree and subsequently placed a high dollar value on that earning potential to the tune of $36 million. This comes just a few weeks after a default judgement in the case due to Nick Gordon’s constant no show in court.

The breakdown of the judgement includes a $1.5 million for stealing funds/assets, $250,000 punitive damages, $1.3 million for assault and battery/medical damages, $4.2 million because Nick Gordon was on drugs and alcohol, $13 million for pain and suffering, and $15 million for loss of life.

Kristina’s Estate initially filed a lawsuit for $40 million, but the judge ruling is just $4 million shy of that figure. The ruling came on Thursday following a lengthy and emotional testimony from members of her family which includes her father Bobby Brown.