Meek Mill Told Club DJ To Stop Playing Drake’s Music Or Else

Seems Meek Mill hatred for Drake runs deeper than we thought.

The 6 God is arguably the biggest hip hop artist on the planet right now so every club, every party will have a few of his songs on their playlist. Earlier this week Meek and Nicki Minaj were at a club in New York partying when the DJ started playing some of Drake’s songs. Seems the Philly emcee didn’t appreciate that and felt like he was being disrespected so he sent his crew to go harassed the DJ to stop playing Drizzy music. Page Six reported that sources said it was a tense atmosphere.

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“His people went nuts,” sources said. “He didn’t want them to play any music by Drake.”

Other sources are saying that Meek Mill was so upset that he threatened to never go back in the club that he often party at whenever he is in New York. “He was feeling really salty about Drake music being played back to back like the DJ was purposely trying to upset him,” sources revealed. “The disc jockey was told to switch things up or else they will leave and never return.”

This is a video of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill at the club with her music playing in the background.

Drake is the most streamed artist in the world right now on Apple Music and Spotify. So how will Meek Mill escape from hearing his music at any party anywhere right now.

Let’s also not forget that Drake’s infamous diss track “Back To Back” was also nominated for a Grammy earlier this year. The Maybach Music Group rapper wasn’t too happy about that either although Drizzy eventually didn’t win the Grammy.