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Video: Ishawna – Private Mi Page (Alkaline Block And Delete Counteraction)

Ishawna recently premiered the video for his single “Private Mi Page (Alkaline Block And Delete Counteraction).”

The track was produced by Chimney Records and featured on the Toll Road Riddim. Since releasing the single over the summer, there has been rumors that Ishawna and Alkaline were dating but the dancehall diva denies those claims.

“Boy go weh, gwan go do wah you a do / You wouldn’t loose dis if you fi do weh you fi do / Boy go weh, gwan go do wah you a do / Say you nuh inna me but a me nuh inna you / You better stop smoke bush weed / And go look high grade fi buy / You nuh sound educated / You sound like some ignorant guy,” Ishawna sings.

Watch the video.