Bounty Killer and Ninjaman Refuse To Go Sting 2016 Even For An Award

Bounty Killer and Ninjaman are making it clear that they will not be going to Sting 2016 despite promoters announcement that they are among a handful of artists to be honored at the event.

For a few years now both Bounty and Ninja have not performed at Sting due to a fallout with Isaiah Laing. Seems like those hatred runs deep because Killer is saying that he will not even go to the entrance of the event to collect his award.

“It’s always great to be honoured, but only when it’s sincerely done,” the dancehall legend said. “I know Laing very well, and he doesn’t appreciate or honour what we artistes has done for him. If they wanna do this as a publicity stunt to say they honouring me, I will send someone to go and collect it. But I ain’t even going ’cause I know these people and they don’t respect foundation.”

Ninjaman echoed the same sentiments as Bounty Killer saying that he and Laing doesn’t have the same relatonship that they once had.

“If dem feel like is time dem fi honour me, then give thanks ’cause is an honour still, but somebody a go collect the award,” Ninja said.

“Mi have nuff daughter and son weh proud a dem father fi go collect award man. Mi nuh have no time fi dem deh something.