#RIP Vine – Twitter Shuts Down 6 Seconds Video Sharing App

Those 6 seconds videos that we all come to love are going to be a thing of the past because Vine is shutting down.

The company decides to close its doors following a steep decline in popularity over the last year thanks to the rise of Snapchat. Since around 2013, Vine gave rise to many stars including pop-rap duo Jack & Jack and many others who went viral making six seconds video clips. We will sure miss those endless loops of funny videos and females twerking.

In a message posted on the company website, Team Vine & Twitter announced that the old videos will not be deleted and the website will not be taken down, they will just put a pause on the service. Which opens up the door for Vine to make a comeback or do a complete revamp of the app.

In the end seems Vine couldn’t compete with the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat who found creative ways to share videos.


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