DJ Khaled Snapchat His Fiance Nicole Tuck Giving Birth To Son

DJ Khaled snapchat everything including his fiance Nicole Tuck giving birth to their son on Sunday (October 23). He did it all while playing his song “I Got The Keys” in the background.

The King Of Snapchat documented the process over a 12-hour period including himself meeting with doctors at the hospital and making the rounds to balance and check things all before his son arrived.

While some folks on social media blast Khaled for not giving his fiance some privacy, he did take extra steps not to Snapchat her face or their son. Most of his posts were about his anxiety about the birth of his son.

“Bless up fan luv the dr. said my queens water Broke,” Khaled wrote on IG. “It’s go time ! All praise to the most high?? fan luv I’ll keep you posted !! I have to be honest I’m so excited and my nerves on another level smh .. I’m focused thoe I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SON.”

DJ Khaled also selected some powerful singles as the soundtrack for his snaps including Buju Banton’s “Destiny” and Lauryn Hill’s classic “To Zion.”