Chris Brown Video Proves Female Fan Lying About iPhone Snatching

Chris Brown is vehemently denying a Kenyan female fan’s claims that he smash her iPhone after she tried to get a selfie with him.

Breezy was in Mombasa, Kenya last weekend for a performance but he immediately made headlines on his arrival on a private jet. A female fan told reporters that the singer snatched her iPhone 6 and smash it on the ground just because she tried to take a photo with him. Several concert goers threatened to boycott the show while others tweeted that Kenyan authorities should deport Breezy.

Sources inside Chris Brown’s camp are calling the allegation BS saying that nothing remotely close took place. “That didn’t happen and this all just seems like another disgruntled female trying to get fame by cooking up a Chris Brown story,” sources said.

TMZ has since obtained a video from around the time of the incident showing the same woman trying to take a photo with Chris Brown but he didn’t touch her phone as he made his way out the airport. There are also some reports that the same female was trying to get a free concert ticket from Breezy’s camp.

Chris Brown performed to a sold out crowd that same weekend and eventually the story blew up on the female fan who got trashed on Twitter for her false reports.