The Weekend – False Alarm | New Video

The Weeknd premiered a violent thriller video for his new single “False Alarm.”

The track will be featured on his upcoming sophomore album “Starboy” due next month. The first-person clip was directed by Ilya Naishuller and saw Abel robbing a bank before running from the cops in a high speed chase. The gory and violent clip is action packed and ended with a twist. Weeknd and his crew shot all the hostages except one, a female who they took with them in their van where a high speed chase ensued.

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The chase was straight out of a action movie which ended with two robbers and the female hostage who ditched one van and jumped into another. One robber eventually loses some of their cash as he attempted to toss it from one van to the next. He was then almost killed by his accomplice but was saved by the mysterious female hostage. The surviving robber then crashed the van and told the female to run to safety. Turns out that the surviving robber is none other than The Weeknd.

“False Alarm” is the second single that The Weeknd released on his upcoming album “Starboy” which is due for release on November 25.