$UICIDEBOY$ – Kill Yourself (Part IV) [New Music]

It’s over a month now since $uicideboy$ dropped their album ‘ETERNAL GREY.’ Now they are back with part IV of one of their big projects “Kill Yourself,” produced by Budd Dwyer.

They figure me a dead motherf**ker
Romeo da black rose
Shedding petals
Hold me over until they finish digging me a hole
I need a new beginning so i tip toe behind my foe’s bi**h
Unzip, I’m throwing it into that bi**h’s hole
Calling all my enemies the same place where that d**k go
F**k an online pu**y boy
Talking s**t
Acting like it was a brick thrown through a window

$UICIDEBOY$ – Kill Yourself (Part IV) Lyrics

Listen track below.