Beanie Sigel – Good Night [New Music]

One source says why everyone wants to make a punching bag out of Meek Mill? Beanie Sigel released yet another track aiming at the South Philadelphia born rapper “Good Night,” produced by Bink!

Let me see, besides my life, ni**a I got my wife
Shakur, I’m there, my
My moves on
I gotta Sina, Gina, Jaylyn
And I got Wyleak, I got my mother
My sisters, my brother
I got my nephews and all my nieces
Think I’m gonna let that just fall to pieces?
Gotta keep that crew together
I got no room for error
Absent Five gave me my survival skills
So if I gotta rob and steal to provide the meals so be it

Beanie Sigel – Good Night Lyrics

Listen track below.