Dancehall Artist Food Kartel Dead #RIP

Dancehall artist Food Kartel has died.

Sources are telling us that the “Tyad” deejay passed away early Wednesday morning after suffering a stroke just days before. Female dancehall artist Macka Diamond, who was a close friend of Kartel, says that she is saddened by his death.

“I will always remember Food Kartel as a man who loved music, he was a great live performer, and an encouraging individual,” she said. “He was a real vibes man, happy no matter what was going through in his life. He would always find a way to hustle a money so that he and his fellow artistes could do road and promote our songs. It is tragic that he died so young.”

Food Kartel shot to fame in 2010-2011 with a slew of catchy singles centered around food. His single “Tyad” was also a street hit in Jamaica.