Beanie Sigel – I’m Coming Lyrics

I dedicate to you this song
F**k it I’m coming
Uh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uhm-hmm

(Verse 1)
Somebody got to die
Either this guy or this guy
Either way somebody mama throwing a fish fry
Bigger the beef, bigger the clip size
Home Depot trips, duct tapes, zip ties
Was gonna leave it dead, let sh*t slide
But ni**as pushing my f**k-it button
I gotta f**k up something
I’m thinking churches and hearses
ER trips, IV drips, and nurses, uh
Homicides for purchase but I think I might work this
Cash that check myself though
Vest with the velcro
Clip from the wrist to the elbow
Draco small but the drum can’t fit in the belt though
Trench coat still can’t tell though
It is what it is but we ain’t gon dwell though
If sh*t hit the fan cuz, just don’t tell though

I respect what he’s done. New overthrows the old, it’s natural

(Verse 2)
Ambulance screaming up the block
Shots so loud can barely hear em screaming stop
Vaguely hear somebody screaming cops
Spray the family while they grieving at his plot
On target till I off it
You want me off your head? Where that bread, ni**a cough it
Issue me a ticket or I’ll park it
Or I get you fitted for that coffin

(Interlude 2)
Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in

(Verse 3)
Back on course with no remorse
Like the fat guy from Bed-Stuy kick in doors
Everybody getting on the floor
Everybody in this bi**h get it but the whore
B**ch where that bag at?
Yeah, yeah I love them too but where that tab at
Somebody cashing out or I’m blasting out
Talking bout what? Ain’t sh*t to ration out
You drew that line so I’ma cross it
Now lay in-between them lines when they chalk it
Catch you at the Clearport, extra cartridge
Ain’t no jets departing only death departing
Teterboro with the barrel exercise the plan
Understand you ain’t never too fly to land
How you going through your face and your feet?
Hogtied, broom in your ass, you in too deep
F**king with the crypt keeper, grim reaper
You just a tweeter, I’m the knock in the Devil’s speaker
Stop, this bigger than Omeeka
I wanted you and ITY, Latifah
Switch this horror flick, double feature
Gee, what ni**as do for money, my brother’s keeper
A s**ker way out is the
Face said look him in his eyes then kill him
Ni**a you weak for real
You did that for Meek? You shoulda did it for Mills
Bi**h you should of did it for real
Got ni**as checking under cars fore they get in their wheels
Before I check you up to God, better get in your will
You ni**as better pick a side fore I get in the field
Ain’t gon have no pics when I’m blicking the steel
Everybody getting fired when I’m clicking the drill
Uh-huh, Poppa gave out warnings, not me
Just another body for mama to ID
You could play a game but not me
All shells, no stripes, Y3
Heart cross your windpipe, cannot breathe
One cannot fight what one cannot see
Yeah and I be there when the smoke clear
Drown in your own blood, ni**a soak there
I pluck you then rock him, I ain’t no joke yeah
Check out my felonies, check, check out my felonies
Sell your soul you say your ass what you telling me
F**king faggots, pussies
Been doing this, f**king rookies
Crush your whole empire, Cookies
Why the f**k would you push me?
And no more Ruckus, I’m reckless
What you expected? I’m coming

Uh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uhm-hmm
I’m coming, uhm