D’Angel Responds To Critics After Posing In Revealing Outfit Beside Her Son


Dancehall’s self proclaim first lady Michelle ‘D’Angel‘ Downer is responding to critics of a sexy photo she posted on IG with her son.

The racy pic shows the dancehall diva on set a music video shoot. She donned only her underwear while showing a lot of cleavage in a crop top jacket while having a conversation with her son with Beenie Man, Marco Dean. She has been getting a lot of criticism on social media with some fans saying she dressed inappropriate in the presense of her son.

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D’Angel says there is nothing inappropriate about it because she is doing her job and her son understands that very well. “I never thought people would be so low-minded that they would see this as anything other than a working mom doing what she needs to do,” the deejay said.

“It is what it is. My son is the child of two entertainers, and he understands what his mom does for a living,” she added. “He enjoys coming on my video shoots and he enjoys watching me work. He knows that I’m not going to walk around like that. He knows that that’s me in work mode. He knows the difference between D’Angel, the artiste, and Michelle, his mother.”

D’Angel also noted that she took great offense with anyone questioning her parenting skills but on the other hand she has no problem when anyone criticized her as an entertainer.



  1. No it is not a good thing respect is due, but to each is their own some have morals and values and others do not. I had a friend who use to wall around naked in front of her children that is high class disrespect yo.

    • Paula Wilson Mullen

      A human body is just a human body, there is nothing disrespectful about it. Naked is just naked, and we were all born that way. We weren’t designed to be covered by fur just naked skin. It’s how you behave and the things that you do, which make naked sexy, crude, nasty, or disrespectful. Why are you so uptight about naked?

  2. She knew exactly what she was doing and knew it was going to cause some kind of fuss. Well you got to promote yourself somehow I suppose when you got a song coming out….

  3. I don’t get what the big fuss is about. I’m sure her son has seen her naked.