Demarco – Dem Fraid (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

King Kong step and dem cold up
Under yo batty man brother you fi fold up
Pon the whole a Gully Side mi a go throw duck
Dem fi know mi rifle dem loud up

Dem a talk bout media
Informer that
Pu**y you nuh straight leader
You send yo immigration link gone a prison
Pu**y hole fi get US visa

(Verse 1)
The whole a yo community seh you mean dawg
You is just a let down to wi fi real dawg
You get yo chance fi lift up the music
Domb stread a Popcaan should a have you green card
You a call people thief you a worster crook
Gi back Drake the 25,000 weh you took
Thief, you know how much year Jamaica have you look?
Bout library when the pu**y don’t even buy a book
You sing too much batty thing
Bwoy like me, cho star
Nuh him do video wid Niki and never touch her
Dem a nuh Gad, dem pu**y hole deh a nuh no star
The Gully buck, the Gully stuck, him naw go-go far
A talk seh mi recycle chat
A gyal seh him look like him get bout 3 rifle shot
Caw you still ugly, and you still have a batty man brother don’t?
Mi bet mi life to that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Him sign to we the best
And yet pu**y you the worst
You come a chat you bag a s**t
You do the verse
All now dem cannot find a hit
Tell dem go google search
And anytime mi buck up Gully Side dem a go use the hearse
Him sacrifice Conny wid a bag a voodoo works
White all seh that you fi bring back Kiddo verse
Thief, Kid yow a him have the craze
Mi a go send a bag a gyal fi go piss pon you grave

(Repeat Chorus)