Baby Tash Lost Family House To Fire

Baby Tash is having one of the worst year’s of her career and possibly her life. The dancehall artist just recently laid her grandmother to rest and now she lost her home to fire.

Last weekend a fast moving fire destroyed her family home in Spanish Town leaving members of the deejay’s family including her mom homeless.

“The fire was caused by a single candle that was lit in one of the bedrooms during the blackout,” she said. “The only thing that was saved is a chest of drawers and a dresser. Everything else is completely wiped out and gone, and it was a three bedroom house. It’s just the concrete structure that is left. It’s shocking to see how fire can destroy everything that you have built in a matter of seconds.”

The dancehall deejay expressed her appreciation to supportersĀ during the time of her catastrophe.

“I want to thank all my friends, fans and musical family who have reached out to me,” she said.