K Camp Produced By Bobby Kritical – Lyric Ave Lyrics


(Verse 1)
First off I am not a rapper, second off we are not the same
Third thing, all you b**ch ni**as on the internet, you should be ashamed
Closet full of Alexander Wang
Louis loafers, you can say I changed
Louis jacket just to block the rain
Eating lobster bisk with some champagne
RIP to Bankroll
S**t all day been chasing bankrolls
I ain’t even change, I’m in the same clothes
Young wild ni**a these hoes can’t expose
Young wild ni**a that came in on fleek
Gotta get that lil bi**h out my sheets
Uber outside, I see you next week
Mover XL, you know a ni**a cheap
Pull up to your function riding in that foreign car
Shawty f**k me off that co-co, feel like Pablo Escobar
Ain’t no pressure I’ma still accept your ass for who you are
Now just hop in my jacuzzi lose the panties and that bra

(Verse 2)
Bi**h I’m that dope
King of pro tool
I am so rude
Feel like Goku
Lunch and no boo
Don’t do tofu
Say he know me but I don’t know old dude
Why you tripping man I swear she old news
Stop that bi**h and girl you know you mine
Rolling stone, get my Rollie on
Rolling raw cone, drinking red wine
But these ni**as still know what’s happening
I’m not just rapping
Expressing my emotions through some God damn captions
Riding through the city and I’m God damn packing
Cause I wish a ni**a would ni**a I’m God damn lapping
On my way baby wish me well
Young ni**a finally came out that shell
I’m the motherf**king truth bi**h, if you can’t tell

I got my change up
I got my name up
I wish a ni**a tried to tell me that I change up
These bi**hes dangerous
F**k me like I’m famous
Bought a brand new foreign so I had to switch my lane up
Change up
I got my change up, I got my change up, I got my change up
These bi**hes dangerous
F**k me like I’m famous
Tell me why you hating cause a ni**a switched his lane up
Let’s get it

(Verse 3)
Bi**h I’m on, they can’t help but hate
Round table with a full plate
I be in here, finest night chef
Hand be so swift
Tokyo drift
Now I’m riding
Green on me add a thousand dollars
Young ni**a got his money piling
When I seen a mil bi**h I started robbing

When are we gonna do Lyric Ave again
That was crazy last week
See you soon, call us, bye