Producer Anju Blaxxx Freed Of Lottery Scam Charges

Dancehall producer Anju Blaxxx is now breathing a sigh of relief after being freed of lottery scam charges.

Blaxxx, whose real name is Andrew Sayeed Myrie, has been in the U.S. for over a year awaiting trial on mail and wire fraud charges. He was arrested in February last year in Miami. But in a surprising move, the prosecutor asked the judge to dismiss the charges against the producer.

Anju Blaxxx was not in court to hear the verdict but this means that he is freed of all charges and will be heading back home to Jamaica to pick up on his music production business. He is not totally off the hook. Last week he also pleaded guilty to customs breaches in making false declarations and was fined $250,000 in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, the Observer reported.

Radio disc jockey ZJ Wah Wah is awaiting trial for mail and wire fraud. Wah Wah, born Deon-ville O’Hara, was arrested at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay with US$105,000 in his possession in November of 2013. He told authorities that the money was for a record contract he had with Anju Blaxxx, who then provided false documentation for the alleged contract.