G-Unit Featuring Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Kidd Kidd & Lloyd Banks – It’s a Stick Up Lyrics


(Chorus – Lloyd Banks)
I’m only gon get bigger, ni**as wanna see me lose
Pull me to the money I’ma move, this a motherf**king stick up
We want everything in twos
Being number one don’t come with moves
Over how ya figure
Bi**hes jumping out they shoes
How the f**k am I supposed to choose?
Purple weed even more liquor
Foreigns down the avenues
We got sh*t to fix your attitudes

(Verse 1 – Tony Yayo)
I got my baby hanging out the window
On some Michael Jackson s**t
But my baby ain’t three months old
It’s an AR clip, yeah, yeah
Foam with the paper plates
Y’all ni**as in two oh eights
We in 2016, BMIH
Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise s**t
Got the Uz in the stash with the rubber grip
And I ain’t tripping, I’m in Turkey estaba rolling up
50 bottles bottles, 40 bi**hes, just 10 of us
I love my ni**as who the f**k can a ni**a trust?
Real drama when I caught them ni**as picking up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Kidd Kidd)
School of hard knocks grad, you wasn’t up in my class
New Orleans ni**a rob you in a Mardi Gras mask
Catch you down bad, dirty as a grave yard
Mama working slave job
Behind bars
F**k I gotta say to y’all?
Ni**a never gave me s**t I had to play baseball
Find a field with pitchers, the real talking on the mic
Streets got me softer like
All your scars come from falling off a bike
My ni**as can’t read or write
But they keep they heaters tight
Hit up I need the stripes
I don’t know how I sleep at night
I think I need faith cause the world’s on my shoulders
Keep my enemies closer
My friends turning into vultures

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lloyd Banks)
Had to been dealing with a copy, I’ve been occupied
Twin thighs block me in, shrimp and lobster high
Now it feels like this plane is bumping when my rums collide
And…I see that bullsh*t with binocular eyes
My hearts are pocket sized, check how I monopolized
That fire hits the tire, hope your doctor nice
I hit the weed, toast the sky the helicopter flights
My game proper, game changer, make you drop your price
I’m on the bucket list, bullets won’t stop my life
Now my heart’s a block of ice
He doubted me I shocked them twice
Powder V on sour D
Man of the hour’s me, the powerful know how it be
Give a f**k in all actuality

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Young Buck)
Had it made with gun powder
All my brothers under the gun tower
My mama tryna catch crank sales on the lunch hour
My blunt sour, everything parked in the front ours
I tend to rob when I feel I’m amongst cowards
You know when some ni**as is given too much power
You gotta see if they know how to use it
Still shoot the chopper by my lonely don’t confuse it
All this fake rapper music I better win fore I lose it
I put every bullet in this clip one by one
Once I do it you gon here bout what I done
My goal in this game get rich like 50
Never touch another brick and get a bi**h like Mickey

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Snoop Dogg)
Fatality Ya digg? It’s going down like that that there
We’re gonna hit you upside the motherf**king head with nothing but gangster music man
Hey Whoo Kid I want you to him em upside the head and let’s take off y’all

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