Skippa Da Flippa – Intro (I’m Tellin Ya) Lyrics

Yeah man Flip for president
Gotta let these ni**as know what I’m sayin’g
I’m from where they did s**t then they crashed your funeral
These ni**as bite on sight like a modern day mosquito
Gotta let you know
Yeah man it’s always in they job, they consistent with it
Gotta put you down, gotta let you know
I pour up karo, scalp tickets, and f**k on hoes, and I still baby sit on the side
The police don’t know where to catch me

(Verse 1)
I am king dab and they tried to clone me
Please don’t look too hard, you know it’s on me
You stealing my flavor so therefore you owe me
Own my own back, my family disowned me
You took a stick
She’ll take a mile and give a bi**h an inch
Shooter get to gripping if you look tense
Complain about the cookie cause it from
Mansion with a f**king fence
Eat a bi**h up like it’s dinnertime
Spread the, white and finish line
Tell 30 meet me at the finish line
Cutlass seats up for the summer time
Hide a hundred in the wall
I’m a wizard, John Wall
Smash her then I dial her wall
I pay it, say f**k what it costs
Cartier, clean lens
A real trapper don’t need no friends
Count it up, put em in tens
Handgun, extendos extend
Getting paper like an athlete
Rich ni**a flexing, I’m flashy
Big apple…in the backseat
Hit a lick and then hit the backstreet

(Chorus 2X)
Old school top missing
You could learn it if you listen
I know you watching, pay attention
Mama taught me pay attention
We came up from trapping off novas
Now we race twin chopper Rovers
You want some money? Pay attention
You wanna be great, pay attention

(Verse 2)
Old school roof missing
Tie him up if I catch you penny pinching
Real shooters pull up, we don’t do
Forgis blow kisses but Flip don’t do kissing
In the game, Flippa Madden
Bought my bi**h 10 pair Steve Madden’s
Trap on my…while in traffic
Tell that bi**h catch me in traffic
100K made me go harder
Started with the Chevy, didn’t do the
I was jugging, getting it, ain’t have no father
I was a starter but ain’t wear no starters
Poki test out with his nose
5K for the shoes and clothes
I’m from where anything goes
Send the shooters if he owes
Money so old it’s ancient
Wet his ass up like I’m painting
You a foul ni**a, that’s a flagrant
Pay attention, these ni**as writing statements
I been a boss and never average
You mad cause I’m stacking cabbage
Now I’m having, I’m have it
If you listen you can grasp it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)